Knit Companion Knitting App

Knit Companion Knitting App

Knit Companion Knitting App

After several moves across the country and back again, I began purchasing the kindle version of knitting books in an effort to limit the number of knitting books I own and might have to potentially move.  It also frees up lots of space on the bookshelves in my office so I can fill them with yarn ;-)  I also have numerous pdf knitting patterns on my computer that I either print out to use and then write all over the pattern while I'm using it.  I'm sure lots of you do the same.  

A few weeks ago one of my customers, Sue, purchased my Clover Lace Cable Shawlette pattern and mentioned how wonderful the pattern loaded onto the Knit Companion App she was using on her iPad.  I remember checking out the app when it was first introduced and thought it was handy but difficult to upload patterns to the Android version.  Sue convinced me to give it another look and I am thrilled she did! 

The app is much more user friendly and patterns are very easy to upload.  I am using an Amazon Fire tablet and uploading patterns is as simple as emailing a pdf copy of the pattern to myself.  When I open the file in the email, I get a prompt to open it with the Knit Comanion App, I tap yes and it is added to the library on the app!!  I can then add a pattern title to the incoming pdf and click save. 

When I am ready to begin my project I just tap on the pattern and it brings me to the page where I can click the "start project" button and name the project. 

Once the project is named it becomes an active project and all the features of the Knit Companion are available. 

The app is $9.99 per year for all the cool features, or you can use the free version.  The features include:  highlighting, notes, row and stitch counters and time keeper (so you can keep track of how much time you put into the project).  I'm still learning all the handy features the app has and how they work together, but so far I absolutely love it!  There are videos on YouTube that explain how to use the app and they are very helpful.  Just search Knit Companion and you'll be able to see all the videos available for either the iOS version or the Android version.  

So far I have tested about 10 of my patterns and they all work perfectly with the app.  If you ever have questions regarding adding my patterns to the app and how they interact with it please send me an email ( I would be happy to help you out! 

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